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Character Princess Tea

Dressup, makeup and tea party for up to 12 children at Cookies & Tea ~ $350
We are so excited to announce our new party package!

Is your little one in love with princesses?
Invite her favorite princess to her next birthday party at Cookies & Tea.

This package includes:
the Princess Character Guest Host of your choice
Dress up, Makeup, Glitter Nails and Hair Sparkles
Parade of Princesses on the pink carpet
Storytime and photos with the Princess
Tea Party serving pink tea, sprinkle cookies, and gummy bears
Cupcakes and favor wands are included
Party runtime is approximately 1.75 hrs

A $125 reservation fee is all that is required to confirm your event date and time.
This amount will be applied to the party balance.

Yes, you may book ahead into next year with this pricing as long as you do so by but this pricing will not be available long.

Schedules permitting, the following princesses are available for events after 1:00 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays:
Tower Princess
Mermaid Princess
Sleeping Princess
The Frozen Sisters
Click the princess pictures to reveal a gallery of our special friends.